1923-1993 Media: Prints, Drawings, Tapestries “Once I get an idea of the design, I make a drawing and bring it to the Co-op. I’m not trying to be the best artist; I bring what I’m able to draw. I had no ambition to draw in childhood. I was never good at making anything for us to survive on. Before we moved to Pangnirtung, I prayed to be able to make some money on my own, and not just rely on other people. I requested, not from a person, from the one you can’t see, to be able to make something, anything. Years passed, and then I started to draw. My petition would seem to have been answered. I don’t use it to be famous. The income goes to my family, not for useless things. Well, I’m not wise about handling money, but whether I have a job or not, we go through a lot of money in a year. I’ve learned that people everywhere try to come up with a way to survive, and overcome hardships.” – Ekidluak Komoartuk. Pangnirtung Print Catalogue 1987 Ekidluak’s late wife Leah was a carver. Two of their children; daughter Olassie and son Stevie, are also artists.
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