Gayle Uyagaqi Kabloona is an Inuit artist residing in Ottawa. Art is how she connects with others within her culture, showcases her Inuit culture to others, and expresses her biracial identity. Although she makes Inuit art for Inuit, she welcomes support from non-indigenous persons.
Although Uyagaqi is new to the art world, she comes from a family of artists. She is named after her ningiuk (gramma) Victoria Mamnguqsualuk and her grandpa’s brother Uyagaqi. She uses her Inuktitut name in her art because Uyagaqi was a strong willed person with a formidable work ethic.
Uyagaqi is influenced by her grandmother’s and her mother’s art, Jessie Oonark. Like Oonark, strong women make appearances in her art. She is also interested in putting a modern take on traditional Inuit imagery.
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