Rex Goose is best known as a carver, but he has been active in the graphic arts at Holman since 1978. He is from a family of artists. His father, Bill Goose (1943-1989) made drawings and prints in the early 1960s, and his grandmother is the well-known artist Agnes Nanogak Goose (1925-2001). He recounts being “overwhelmed” by all the people making art when he was growing up. His ambition was to become an artist as well. His drawings have been made into prints for annual collections since 1982. Goose specializes in miniature carvings. He makes these from ivory, antler, whalebone, and more recently, from the white alabaster that was discovered 100 kilometers from Holman in 1997. He has had two solo exhibitions of his sculpture at Northern Images in Yellowknife in 1994 and 1996.
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