Amplify Pendant Peridot

Mary Lynn Podiluk

Saskatoon, SK


Amplify Pendant Peridot
Sterling Silver, Resin
2.7H x 2.4W x 1.2D cm, hung on an 18″ coiled neck ring.

Amplify necklace made with resin and sterling silver.

Precious metals and glasslike yet resilient resin come together, creating a language-inspired interplay of light and colour between lustrous surfaces and vibrant transparency. Each colour is hand-blended in a manner reminiscent of a painter’s palette, resulting in a unique character for every piece. Sculptural and expressive, Mary Lynn’s jewellery is lightweight and wearable with an alluring mystique.

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Weight 0.1300 kg
Dimensions 1.27 × 13.97 × 16.51 cm