Inuit Art Calendar 2023


Dreams are the most magnificent stories and we are the storytellers. Whether we are asleep under the stars or awake under the warmth of the sun, we are dreaming. Dreams transcend us beyond circumstance and even beyond the physical world as we imagine the impossible and what has not yet come to pass. They are the fleeting or even recurring nonsensical experiences we have during slumber that slip through our fingers upon waking as we try to remember. They are the perpetual yearning for something more that pulls us through the journey of life.

Dreams take many shapes. They can transform human and animal into creatures of myth and legend, and they tell us tales of creation. Dreams are the complex knot of writhing snake-like birds in Kenojuak Ashevak’s “Ravens Entwined.” They are Shuvinai Ashoona’s “Quilt of Dreams” where infinite fragments of her mind’s eye are all pieced together. They can enlighten us with spiritual knowledge and most importantly fill us with hope. As we lay there counting sheep (or caribou) we never know what fantasy world awaits us, but eventually we slip into the dream world that gently calls to us like the loon in the night.

Description courtesy of Dorset Fine Arts.

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