Crepe de Chine Silk Scarf Solid

Masagana Flower Farm

La Broquerie, MB


The scarves are 100% silk and dyed with flowers Lourdes grew last summer.

25-in square crepe de chine silk 12mm – soft with interesting texture feature with subtle sheen.

All natural dyes react and bind differently on various types natural fibers when applied. For this reason, finished products always vary and may not look exactly like the photos. The unique markings on every single piece amplifies its unique beauty making it one-of-a-kind.

Prairie Sunset: coreopsis

Arnibal Green: coreopsis, marigold, cosmos, scabiosa

Care instructions:

Spot cleaning only. A naturally dyed textile requires special care and minimal washing to make it last over time. Think of how you would care for your other precious possession. Same degree of care is need for your new silk scarf. If the entire textile needs to be washed, hand wash in cool water with neutral pH soap. Hang to dry and keep in shade while drying.

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Weight 0.0500 kg
Dimensions 0.0254 × 57.15 × 60.96 cm