Drawn and Fired: Recent Vessels by Robert Archambeau


Robert Archambeau has been an indisputable force in Canadian ceramics for over fifty years. His functional vessels are immediately recognizable from their confident profiles, subtle wood-fired glazes, and meticulous finishes. This publication features seldom-seen aspects of Archambeau’s practice – his drawings. Always one to sketch and develop ideas on paper to investigate later in his vessels, with this body of work Archambeau explores drawing as an independent art form rather than a preparatory exercise. As with his ceramics, his approach to his drawings is considered and rigorous. The artist sources exquisite paper and handmade folios upon which to execute his seemingly spontaneous and gestural portraits of vessels. But as with his pots, everything is worked and reworked, investigated and mined for potential. The textures of his ceramics emerge from the rubbed surfaces, or from the silk textiles laid and affixed to the paper. The minimalistic aesthetic of his drawings is indicative of the deceptive simplicity of his clay vessels.

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