Leg Ring

Anastasia Pindera

Winnipeg, MB



The Leg Ring is sterling silver with a smooth satin finish.

The ring references the cocktail ring which came into fashion during the American prohibition era of the 1920’s. In this era, women were gaining greater freedoms and equality including the ability to enter social spaces they had been excluded from like public bars and the emerging illegal cocktail parties, and most formatively gaining the right to vote. Typically, discernible by their bold/gaudy style and oversized/excessive gemstones, cocktail rings are a conversation starter. This cocktail ring aims to start conversations on female body hair in whatever social setting you choose to rock it.

Approximate dimensions: 2.34 x 0.84 x 3.7 cm

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Weight 0.0140 kg
Dimensions 1.778 × 2.54 × 4.318 cm