Medium Oval Serving Bowl

Rachael Kroeker

Winnipeg, MB


This beautiful and dynamic serving bowl is sure to start a conversation over your next meal. This medium sized serving bowl with an altered rim is one of a kind, and is made with liquid clay and plaster moulds. As I pour the mould I marble a black and white porcelain together, creating unique pieces and line movements. Since no two marbling affects will ever being the same, the black and white markings on your bowl will vary from these photographs!

The exterior of the piece is unglazed, but has been sanded multiple times to create a soft, supple surface just waiting to be touched. While the interior is glazed clear, to keep it completely functional and food safe. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Please note that raw clay (the exterior of the piece) may absorb colours over an extended period of time, you will need to wash or rinse item after use.

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Weight 0.6100 kg
Dimensions 13.6525 × 21.9075 × 7.62 cm