Redwood Burl Mill

Herman De Vries

Winnipeg, MB


Many, many years ago I obtained some old growth redwood burl from California, and still had a few pieces of the wood about my studio. It seemed an opportunity to use some of it for this peppermill.

This mill is different than all the others in that one must hold the base and turn the entire top two-thirds to grind the pepper. The lid unscrews to open and fill the mill. The mechanism is ceramic, and the mill does not have a stem going through it. The coarseness of the grind is adjusted at the underside of the mill. The design of the ceramic mechanisms makes this a challenging project, but a very durable mill. In our house we have a set of these on our stove and they have been used daily for 20 years.

8.5 inches tall

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Weight 0.3330 kg
Dimensions 7.62 × 7.62 × 21.59 cm