This publication will be presented along side the exhibition Transmission, curated by Mariana Munoz Gomez. It will feature writing from the curator and a response from a guest writer. Embodied knowledge is somewhat difficult to write about. It is rooted in feelings and processes that happen in relation to others and in relation to the world. It emerges out of lived experience. It is learned and shared through actions and practices. Transmissions is an exhibition exploring the emerging and passing on of knowledge through embodied processes. This catalogue, which will highlight the works from Canadian, American, and Mexican artists of colour, will expand of the themes of the exhibition through a curatorial essay, guest writter’s response, and documentation of the artworks.

Embodied knowledge recognizes the material experiences related to the body. This is in contrast to the abstraction of theory that is canonized and made prioritized knowledge within Western colonial institutions. Acknowledging the value of embodied knowledge recognizes the body and the personal as sites of knowledge and allows us to value difference as well as to consider how relation shapes our views of the world. This type of knowledge is felt through the senses, emotions, and intuitions. The artwork in Transmissions demonstrates various processes related to this theme, including the recognition of knowledge one has within oneself, knowledge by encounter and relation, and the transference of embodied knowledge intergenerationally and within community.

This publication has been conceived to serve as an addition to the exhibition. Audiences visiting the exhibition will be able to purchase the book in the Winnipeg Art Gallery shop for more information. This catalogue has been written for general audiences and those with an interest in contemporary art analyses.

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