Winnipeg From A to Z

Romona Goomansingh

Winnipeg, MB


The book Winnipeg From A to Z celebrates the uniqueness and pride of the city. Winnipeg From A to Z shares the beauty and charm of the city as well as embraces a sense of diversity, inclusivity, and community.

The book highlights some of the iconic landmarks, places of adventure and notable entities in Winnipeg.
The book weaves art and education together. It presents engaging educational text and vibrant, colourful hand-drawn illustrations. The vision for the book is to inspire individuals to visit and experience these landmarks, places and entities, learn about their history and participate in their events and activities.
As educators and contributors to the cultural fabric of the city through various Indo-Canadian communities, Romona and her family members have a long-standing and meaningful connection to Winnipeg. With the city being a special place for Romona, it has been gratifying for Romona to design and write her first book about Winnipeg as well as to provide the content and creative vision for the book’s cover and illustrations.
Winnipeg From A to Z serves to give back to a city that has given Romona and her family so much.

Written by Dr. Romona Goomansingh & illustrated by Megan Anderson

Printed April 2021

Cardstock soft-cover

English, colour illustrations

ISBN 9781999234904

27 Pages

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