Assiniboine River Trail II

Miriam Rudolph

Winnipeg, MB


Linocut printed on Stonehenge Paper

Edition: 31/75


60 x 90cm


Mapping Home

Mapping Home is a collection of prints that function as visual diaries that narrate Miriam’s experiences and perceptions after living in both Paraguay and Canada. It is important for her to experience her surroundings very consciously, to be aware of details and to render the essence of a place in my artwork. Beneath the narrative of memories and perceptions lies her search for belonging that she experienced after moving from Paraguay to Winnipeg. Miriam’s work shows places that she feels connected to and serves to document, to evaluate and to remember. She uses a mapping method which has a lot of symbolic meaning for the search of belonging, because maps facilitate searching, way finding and revisiting. The prints about Winnipeg and the prairies have become an important element in her connection with the city and the land in making them her home. Some of her work is more about the physical experience of a place, of getting acquainted with the land, the architecture, and the history of a place, while the more autobiographical series is about her psychological and emotional experience of place, exploring concepts of home and belonging, farewell and new beginnings, holding on and letting go.

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