Jelly Bean Earrings

Emma Gerard

Burlington, ON


Available Colours: Lilac, Aqua, Pink, and Yellow

Earring posts are sterling silver and the jelly beans measure approximately 1.5 – 2 cm long.

“All of my jewellery is completely hand-sculpted and handmade by me. I start with coloured rods of glass that are the thickness of a pencil and melt them at a small oxygen-propane torch using heat, gravity and a few of my favourite metal sculpting tools to sculpt the glass into the desired shape without the use of moulds. It is important to me that everything I make is truly handmade as this is not only more fun for me as an artist, but it means that every piece I make for my customers is unique and one of a kind. Creating my jewellery pieces in this way makes sculpture and fine craft more accessible to the average person and also loved by my loyal following.” — Emma Gerard

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Weight 0.1000 kg
Dimensions 0.635 × 0.762 × 1.27 cm