Yarn Scrap Kerchief

Margaret Jane Designs

Winnipeg, MB


This kerchief is made by felting yarn scraps from Christie’s pal Tony Chestnut‘s knitting, between layers of cream Merino Wool roving, onto a light, woven, cotton fabric. Each one is totally unique, but will have a similar palette. Neutral to neon and everything in between.

Her favorite way to wear this thing is to just tie it around her neck and knot it at the back, but play around with it and find your own favorite way. The cotton side will sit against your skin, and just get softer with wear. They are roughly 30” long (the part you tie) x 8-10” in height (the triangle piece).

This kerchief was made with a lot of love, and also a lot of vigor. So you don’t need to be super delicate with it. Wear it, and really enjoy it. Then, when you need to wash it, do so by hand with a mild, wool-friendly soap, squeeze out all the water and lay flat, or hang to dry. You may need to stretch it a little in places to bring it back to its original shape. Do not put it in the dryer, or you will end up with a much smaller, stiffer kerchief.

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Weight 0.3700 kg
Dimensions 1.27 × 20.32 × 73.66 cm